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What if our success in an increasingly diverse world is tied to improving our cultural competence?

Well… it is. 

Cultural competence is not just about making others feel welcome. It's about improving our own thinking process to be more flexible and apt to handle change and growth. Not only does this make us stronger leaders, but it benefits our work settings, our communities, and most importantly, ourselves.

And yet addressing issues of diversity and inclusion can be intimidating and filled with tension. There is often a fear of offending others. If you’re in the minority, bringing up needs of inclusivity can feel daunting when there is no clear process, or infrastructure, on how to ask for it.

Thankfully, there are evidence-based skills and strategies we can apply from psychology to improve cross-cultural interactions within and between groups. Doing so builds more functional and trusting relationships, allowing us to address issues of diversity and inclusion more comfortably and successfully. The resulting enriched communication and trust are not just helpful, they are a necessity for success in any sector of work in our already diverse society and world.



Dr. Abdulrehman is a consulting and clinical psychologist, & speaker with specialist training and experience in cognitive psychology and behavioral change, with a special focus on diversity and inclusion. His passionate yet calm and approachable style allows him to address complex and difficult topics with comfort, ease, and practicality. He has well over 15 years of experience in the innovative application of psychology to help create effective and practical change to a variety of sectors including health, business, education, non-government and government sectors. He has worked with both individuals and organizations in consultation and training roles.

Dr. Abdulrehman uses his skills as a clinician, researcher, and his lived experience as a both a person of color and an immigrant, to provide a unique perspective that helps coach and guide leadership to…  



As a leadership development consultant, coach and facilitator, I have come into contact with many powerful speakers and change agents on topics that range from transforming conflict into collaboration, and leveraging mindfulness to support progress toward compelling organization goals.

Of these change agents, a mere handful stand out for being remarkably succinct, persuasive and open-hearted. Dr. Abdulrehman is one such person.

His approach to working with individuals and teams on the sometimes thorny issues of inclusion and belonging goes beyond anecdotes and statistics: his is an invitation - and a challenge - to look at the world from the perspective of losses we accumulate when we fail to see one another as human, in spite of differences. I highly recommend him as an engaging and thought-provoking influencer of positive, immediate awareness and change.
— Lisa Schmidt, Director of Organizational Development at CBC/Radio-Canada
Rehman Abdulrehman is an emerging force in the area of leadership and cultural diversity. He understands business needs and opportunities AND he understands the human heart. He brings this knowledge to bear on the challenge facing organizations around the globe. Dr. Abdulrehman provides practical, easy implementable suggestions for facilitating necessary and worthwhile change.
— Moira Somers, Ph.D., C. Psych., Author, Advice that Sticks
The consummate professional with an honest and engaging style, Dr. Abdulrehman is a beguiling storyteller, gifted speaker, humorous presenter and subject matter expert on the many issues of inclusion and diversity. He’s passionately dedicated to deftly speaking to our unconscious biases, bringing conscious awareness to factors hindering the inclusion of diverse individuals in our cultures and workplaces. He challenges us to be open to hidden opportunities, broader perspectives and expanded our problem solving abilities. His subtle skill for weaving together a beautiful story about human journeys uncovers our social need for multiple cultural perspectives. He asks us to risk being alive and expressing our collaborative need for one another beyond our fears. Listen to him and you will learn and grow.
— Captain David G. Kloak, US Navy, Retired. & Ph.D. Consulting Psychologist
It is my pleasure to make a statement on Dr. Abdulrehman’s expertise as a cross cultural consulting psychologist. I have worked on various projects with him in Tanzania since 2010. I have been impressed by his ability to teach complex concepts understandably well, and his passion in finding innovative ways to address complex problems. He has given students he taught relevant actionable skills they continue to carry with them. And he has worked hard at developing systems with constrained resources that have been sustainable. His deep knowledge and understanding of how culture impacts personal decisions have been critical to his success in the work he has done. Dr. Abdulrehman possesses many strengths that facilitate his cross cultural work. He has lived cross culturally and has a deep respect for others’ culture and belief systems. Dr. Abdulrehman’s commitment, professionalism, and the quality of his academic, clinical, and consulting work is impressive.
— Nora Margaret Hogan, Psy. D., Sekomu University. Former Department Head @ MUHAS University, Tanzania
In the Middle East today we need greater tolerance, we need greater attention to inclusivity, and we need to be able to see the other, like us. Dr. Abdulrehman is an architect of changing the way people think. The projects and training he has developed, such as , are amazing blueprints that could serve to reach these aims in the Middle East. The idea of welcoming ones brothers and sisters, near or far, whether from different religions or cultures, political affiliations or world views, has always been a cornerstone of great Islamic civilizations and great Arabic cities that are flourishing today. Dr. Abdulrehman’s consult and training can help meet these goals of tolerance, inclusion, diversity and social progress, and also wellbeing in the region. His consult and training are opportunities not to be missed.

Get his training. It will transform your life! It will transform your city!
— Dr. Louise Lambert, Editor of Middle East Journal of Positive Psychology, Assistant Professor at United Arab Emirates University
Dr. Abdulrehman’s insights and expertise have had immeasurable impacts on my career as a Marketing Communications professional. I have successfully applied Dr. Abdulrehman’s lessons in organizational psychology and behavioural change to inspire, influence, and engage diverse target audiences.
From shifting opinion in public policy to driving change within large global organizations, Dr. Abdulrehman’s unique insights, based on his knowledge and experience with principles of psychology, can be applied to inspire change and get results.
— Simon Burgess, Director, Marketing Communications, 24-7 Intouch
My experience with Dr. Abdulrehman has been extremely positive. His thoughts regarding racial issues are strong, as they should be, yet he is able to explain them to anyone in a highly non-confrontational manner that defuses anger and elicits deeper understanding. His method of presentation of difficult topics is highly effective, as he seems to have an uncanny ability to connect with practically any audience. Anyone requiring the delivery of a challenging topic would do well to work with Dr. Abdulrehman.
— Kerry Stevenson, Chair, Speakers Committee, TEDxWinnipeg & Founder of Fabbaloo
Dr. Rehman Abdulrehman is an excellent speaker & trainer in presenting on a variety of topics ranging from mental health, culture change and diversity & inclusion. He has a positive disposition, sense of humour and it was a pleasure to work with him. Dr. Abdulrehman has a wide range of experiences and expertise that he shares in his presentations. The audience is left with greater awareness and strategies for both their personal and professional lives. His TEDx Winnipeg 2018 talk blends important lessons on inclusion and acceptance.
I would highly recommend Dr. Abulrehman as a speaker, consultant and trainer for any organization.
— Sherry Benson-Podolchuk, RCMP (Redt) BA. CRS, Star Agassi Consulting
Dr. Abdulrehman provided needed insight and was extremely interactive and persuasive in pushing our brand to open up to new marketing avenues, exposing us to international audiences we normally would not have considered. His knowledge and awareness of how people think, and how they perceive fashion in different parts of the world, elevated the goals for the brand, allowing us to explore different concepts in marketing and style in fashion. His interest and commitment to An Nisa encouraged us to make instant changes, which made us see positive changes immediately. Moreover, he has impacted the brand immensely and given us a positive plan for the future.
— Fatmah Naeem, Creative Designer & Founder, An Nisa Fashion House
Dr. Abdulrehman is one of the most competent & compassionate professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His natural instincts & intuition coupled with his professional training and years of experience provide him with the ability to fully understand challenges and solutions unique to business and leadership that are most often about people and how an organization manages that human resource. He brings a new world wisdom to today’s organizations that are interested in looking forward without losing their rich history. He balances plain straight talk with compassionate care and a humanity-focus.
Dr. Abdulrehman is also a thoughtful, engaging and enlightening public speaker and presenter. He has provided public speaking on topics such as unconscious bias, good business and human resource practices which quite literally had people nodding and writing everything down as he spoke. His topics are well researched and based on real world issues. He knows how to get to the point with humour and humility and create rapport with an audience.
— Sue Barkman, Executive Director of the Concordia Foundation / Former President & CEO of Skills Connect Inc.
As a woman and visible minority/person of colour, Dr. Abdulrehman’s diversity training was a breath of fresh air. I could feel those in attendance around me grow more comfortable and relaxed as the training went on to reveal and unpack sensitive cultural stereotypes in a safe space. I could identify myself in many of the things Dr. Abdulrehman described and felt he had truly grasped the issues at their core and was able to discuss them in a constructive and informative way.

I strongly recommend this to all educational and work settings.
— Ayat Mneina, Co-founder of ShababLibya, the Libyan Youth Movement
Dr. Abdulrehman is an extremely knowledgeable and engaging speaker. His session on improving inclusivity in our schools gave practical recomendations to acknowledge and move beyond our bias and ensure that all cultures are reflected in our school environments. His strategies are easy to deploy and could be used with students, classroom teachers, support staff, administration and parents.
— Tracey Gluska, English as Additional Language Support Teacher, Educational Support Services, St. James-Assiniboia School Division
Dr. Abdulrehman’s presentations offer new and thoughtful perspectives for school divisions interested in addressing issues of equity within their organization. His approach is geared toward meeting the needs of our increasingly diverse school population by building the capacity of school boards that are focused on the goal of inclusivity and justice for all. In addition to being an engaging speaker and passionate advocate, he has the ability to make all participants feel comfortable in questioning their own and others assumptions and biases.
— Brett Lough, Chief Superintendant, St. James-Assiniboia School Division


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