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Diversity is about numbers, but inclusion is about (healthy) relationships. Two Assumptions We Need to Address to Better Understand Each Other.

Our society’s history with segregating people based on their differences (e.g., the “coloured section”), can make recognizing differences in today's modern and diverse society, feel like we are repeating the problem. The resulting anxiety can make us ignore differences or acknowledge them in a token or stereotyped way. This minimizes the rich complexity of people’s experiences needed for better understanding and is the crux of the dilemma with many individual and organizational approaches to inclusion.

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Is Christmas Killing Cultural Diversity? The Answer That Will Improve Inclusivity In Your Organization.

When my son was 2 and a half years old and I was buckling him into his car seat, he exclaimed to me, “Papa, I don’t want to be Muslim anymore”. Stunned, I tried to ask him somewhat casually, “Why?”. “Because Paw Patrol only celebrates Christmas and not Eid.” he said, rather matter of fact. 

Although as a psychologist I am aware that the way we think about our world (and more importantly...

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