Workshop Feedback

This workshop should be part or education curriculum/training in all government and non-government agencies.
Excellent presentation. Everyone should attend!
Dr. Abdulrehman’s excellent at facilitation! His knowledge of and passion for the topic was evident in how easy it was to follow the training and retain the learning’s. I would love to see this recorded and made available to all professions and the general public. There is nothing he said that isn’t applicable in a broad setting, and the more people able to receive this training the better we will all be able to implement the skills.
Instructor was very knowledgeable and non-judgemental. Excellent speaker!
His style was excellent - interactive, open and engaging!
Attended remotely, and his presentation was more engaging, heartfelt, and useful than most I have attended in person. Phenomenal.
Dr. Abdulrehman was an excellent speaker. The day flew by too quickly. He is a wealth of information. I appreciated his sharing of his personal experiences, his interacting with the participants and his ability to make the space safe to talk about often uncomfortable topics.
Very informative and interesting. Dr. Abdulrehman is a very engaging speaker.
Authenticity, warmth and messages of safety.
Fantastic facilitator!
Mind opening.